Doug Larson and Steve Knox

Doug Larson | Steve Knox  Things That Need To Be Said

Young meets old.  Science meets art.  Talkative meets taciturn. Literal meets figurative.  Doug meets Steve.  This record is a collaboration between us.  

Doug has spent a lifetime as a university science professor immersed in an industry that turns ideas into words.  For fun he built science guitars, wrote science books, and composed science music when time allowed.  Steve has spent a lifetime immersed in a manufacturing industry that turns words into things.  For fun he took artful photographs, played artful guitar in the Kramdens, and recorded artful music for them and others when time allowed. In this record Doug's sciencey type stuff comes together with Steve's artful stuff to make music that neither of them could produce on their own.  

It's the best of what they do separately - brought together.